Tencer Sherman LLP Award-Winning Lawyers Representing Employers in San Diego and throughout Southern California. Contact Us

Award-Winning Lawyers Representing Employers in San Diego and throughout Southern California. Contact Us

Business Litigation Lawyer San Diego

When a business dispute arises, it is essential to have an experienced San Diego law firm to protect your business and your interests.

Business Employment Lawyer San Diego

Employers in San Diego and throughout Southern California turn to the attorneys of TencerSherman LLP for comprehensive employment law representation.

Securities Litigation Lawyer San Diego

Securities litigation is a complex area of the law that requires skilled representation from an experienced lawyer.

Intellectual Property Litigation Lawyer San Diego

A company’s intellectual property (IP) may be more valuable than the company’s physical assets and must be carefully guarded.


Serving Businesses in San Diego & Southern California

At TencerSherman LLP in San Diego, we provide strong representation for Southern California and national businesses in all types of disputes. Our attorneys bring decades of experience in business litigationemployment lawintellectual property litigation and securities litigation.

Sophisticated Representation With A Personal Touch

Our law firm’s partners come from large law firm backgrounds. As such, Philip C. Tencer and Sam G. Sherman operate with the same level of sophistication as the lawyers found at large law firms. They have the knowledge and skill to resolve complex cases. The difference is that, in the boutique law firm environment offered by TencerSherman LLP, our lawyers are better equipped to adapt to your unique challenges and provide a personal touch.

Furthermore, the structure of our boutique law firm allows us to provide solutions that are cost-effective and efficient, while still meeting the needs of the businesses we serve, businesses that range from local tech startups to national Fortune 100 companies. Through negotiation, arbitration or trial, we strive for the right solution.

Our Cases Highlights

Carnahan v. Lakeside Union School District (San Diego Superior Court)

Sam Sherman and Phil Simpler obtained a complete defense verdict in a jury trial alleging sexual assault by a fourth grade student. Plaintiff alleged the after school program director at the elementary school sexually molested her in his office. The case proceeded to trial against the program director

Suppici Labor Commissioner Claim

TencerSherman achieved a very favorable outcome for employer after a delivery driver alleged meal and rest period premiums, overtime wages, reimbursable expenses, liquidated damages, and waiting time penalties under the California Labor Code. After a hearing in San Bernardino, the Labor Commissioner only awarded the employee waiting time

Eldridge Labor Commissioner Claim

Obtained a complete defense decision after a dental hygienist employee filed a claim with the Labor Commissioner in San Diego alleging her employer willfully failed to pay her wages after she submitted a letter of resignation. The employee claimed her employer owed her waiting time penalties. The Labor Commissioner held the of proof to show that the

Local Legal Updates

The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit held…

In February, the California Supreme Court issued a ruling regarding compensation…
On March 19, 2020, the senate passed, and the president signed…

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Our services are available to businesses in San Diego, throughout Southern California and nationwide.
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It is often difficult to classify or define whether or not an individual is actually an employee or an independent contractor. Failing to classify a worker correctly could have severe and long-lasting negative implications on an employer. https://tencersherman.com/are-your-independent-contractors-really-contractors/

We have the experience and flexibility to build the appropriately sized team to overcome any legal challenge. Of course, you will be the most important member of the team. For more information about how our law firm can help make your case a success, visit https://tencersherman.com/

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