The Importance of Employee Handbooks

The employee handbook is an important set of documents that defines the company’s vision and mission. Having an employee handbook available increases the chances of hiring an employee who combines the company’s core values. The employee handbook compiles the procedures, policies, and work expectations for all employees to adhere to. In many ways, the handbook becomes a defining document for the company as written documentation of the overall goals all company employees should aspire to as defined by the company owners.

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What Does It Do

The employee handbook provides a clear outline of the expectations for all employees of the company. It goes over company policies clearly and concisely allowing all employees a chance to review these policies at their own convenience as needed. It also tells employees what the consequences are should they fail to meet company expectations or knowingly violate company policies or procedures. The employee handbook takes the guesswork out of administering a company and makes sure that all employees have access to the same information.

Ensuring Legal Compliance

Regardless of the size of a business, it is subject to state and federal employment laws. These laws are designed to protect employees while ensuring uniformity across various industries. An employee handbook can show that the organization is legally compliant by outlining the legal policies the company has in place for military leave, disability leave, and the family medical leave act (FMLA) leave. It shows that the company is dedicated to meeting its legal obligations while protecting both itself and each and every one of its employees.

How it Helps

Employee handbooks encourage consistency within the company by providing a written record of company policies. It is objective and fosters healthy relationships between employees and management. The employee handbook lets employees know what can be expected from the leadership within the company at all levels regardless of the department. They take some of the guesswork out of employment for a company by placing all employees on the same level regarding the knowledge that they have pertaining to the company’s procedures.

Protecting All Parties

Perhaps most importantly, an employee handbook can provide the legal groundwork for protection for all parties should a claim arise. Being able to cite a written policy within a company can help an employee who is trying to prove a claim is valid. Alternatively, citing an employee handbook could aid an employer who is defending against a false or fraudulent claim. A thorough and up-to-date employee handbook can become a legal shield for an employer in certain circumstances.

Create Your Employee Handbook Today

An employee handbook sets the stage for outlining a company’s policies while protecting all parties involved. It can help your company by safeguarding its future through clearly defined expectations. To ensure your company is legally compliant and protected against fraudulent circumstances it is crucial that you create your employee handbook today.

Having a well-defined, clear, and concise employee handbook can help your company avoid any potential legal headaches in the future. An employee handbook could become your company’s shield and your employee’s protection. For assistance with developing an employee handbook, please connect with the San Diego employment attorneys at TencerSherman LLP today.