Class Actions

At TencerSherman LLP, much of the securities litigation we handle involves class-action lawsuits. We bring decades of experience to these complex cases.

When Is A Securities Class-Action Lawsuit Filed?

Securities litigation typically arises when there are allegations that a corporation committed some sort of fraud or misconduct in relation to a stock or security, resulting in an economic loss for investors. Since there is typically more than one investor involved, the investors may group together into a class and collectively file a lawsuit against the offending corporation. This is referred to as a class-action lawsuit.

Resolving Securities Class-Action Lawsuits

Our attorneys represent investors. We can represent institutional investors, pension funds and financial institutions. We also provide defense representation to corporations who are the target of securities-related class-action lawsuits.

A securities class action is not like ordinary litigation. First of all, there is the potential for far greater amounts of money to be on the line. Furthermore, there is an increased level of complexity. Securities litigation involves unique laws that our lawyers have knowledge of, and we know how to navigate class-action lawsuits involving these laws. You can be confident that we have the strength to protect your rights and interests.

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