Judge Rules Juice Maker Used Deceptive Advertising to Push Products

Judge Rules Juice Maker Used Deceptive Advertising to Push Products

A judge has ruled that Pom Wonderful, a manufacturer of fruit-based beverages that pushed its products as being beneficial in the reduction of heart disease and other conditions, made use of deceptive advertising.

According to the judge, Pom Wonderful, a company that is widely known for its pomegranate juice, made use of false advertising practices in order to push claims that the products were good for the treatment of, or to prevent, or reduce the risk of heart disease, erectile dysfunction and even prostate cancer. The company also promoted pomegranate juice as a way of reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and blocking premature aging. California false advertising lawyers often find companies promoting their products based on inflated and exaggerated claims. That is not just unethical, but also illegal.

This is not the first time that Pom Wonderful has been under the scanner for its claims about the beneficial effects of its fruit beverages. In 2010, the Federal Trade Commission expressed its concerns over the fact that Pom Wonderful was making far-reaching and excessive health claims about the benefits of its beverages.

In response, the company filed a lawsuit against the Federal Trade Commission, claiming that the federal agency was infringing on the company’s free-speech rights. According to that lawsuit, the Federal Trade Commission’s new standard for deceptive advertising amounted to encroaching on the Food and Drug Administration’s responsibilities.

Now, a judge has found that the advertisements used by California-based Pom Wonderful claiming that its pomegranate juice had antioxidant properties were misleading. The company has been warned to stop making any claims or representations that its fruit beverages can be used for the diagnosis, cure or treatment of any disease.

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