Lance Armstrong Slapped with Breach of Contract Lawsuit

Lance Armstrong Slapped with Breach of Contract Lawsuit

Lance Armstrong’s legal troubles don’t seem to be ending any time soon. The disgraced cyclist faces a $3 million breach of contract lawsuit filed by the insurer that covered the bonuses of 3 of Armstrong’s Tour De France cycling victories.

The company Acceptance Insurance is alleging unjust enrichment, fraud, and breach of contract in the lawsuit that it has filed in a court in Texas. According to the lawsuit, Armstrong committed fraud through cheating using banned substances during his high profile career.

The lawsuit is seeking repayment of $3 million, which Armstrong undeservedly obtained by fraud. The company had paid the bonuses for 3 of Armstrong’s historic wins, which now seem to have come under a cloud, after the athlete admitted to doping throughout his career. The company says that it plans to recover the bonuses that it paid to the cyclist for those Tour de France wins. The wins were recorded between 1999 and 2001. The company is also seeking damages as well as legal fees.

According to the lawsuit, Armstrong and the company that manages his racing team violated the contract with Acceptance Insurance by using banned substances including steroids, human growth hormones and other substances during the contract. It is now confirmed that Armstrong cheated in all of the 7 races that ultimately led to Tour De France Victories. He has admitted to using banned substances throughout his career, and most of his wins have now come under a cloud.

Since his confession to the use of banned substances, California business dispute lawyers have found Armstrong buried under an avalanche of legal troubles, with several lawsuits being filed against him. Another lawsuit was filed recently against him in a federal court in Los Angeles, in which plaintiffs allege that Armstrong and a nutritional supplement company for which he served as spokesperson, engaged in false advertising, by claiming that the cyclist’s stupendous successes were the result of the use of the nutritional supplement.

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