A British court has upheld an earlier ruling that Samsung did not violate Apple’s copyrights of its tablet computer design. The Court of Appeal cleared Samsung against Apple’s allegations of copying its designs for tablet computers. This ruling is the latest in a series of decisions involving disputes between Apple and Samsung, who are currently engaged in a number of lawsuits across the world. These lawsuits are all linked to smart phones as well as tablet computers like Apple’s iPad. In this latest decision, Britain’s Court Of Appeal upheld a judgment by the High Court, which had ruled that although there were some similarities between Apple’s iPad and Samsung’s Galaxy tablet, Samsung does not seem to be in infringement of Apple’s copyrighted designs. California copyright infringement lawyers believe that this is an extremely important decision, because it is valid across the continent of Europe, and is likely to prevent any further legal disputes or lawsuits between Apple and Samsung over copyright of tablet computers. Apple has offered no comment on the decision, but Samsung is obviously thrilled, because it has long held that Apple was was not the first company to manufacture tablet computers of the same design. Apple has also been ordered to run advertisements in which it clearly declares that its South Korean rival did not copy the iPad’s design. These advertisements must be run on the Apple website as well as in newspapers. Apple still has an option here. The company can go ahead and file an appeal with the Supreme Court. However, this is a legally challenging option, and it is highly likely that Apple will not choose to file an appeal with the Supreme Court. For now, it seems that, in Europe at least, any disputes over the tablet design between Apple and Samsung are at an end.

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