Sports Photographers File Copyright Infringement Lawsuit against NFL

Is the National Football League allowed to use photographs without consent? That is the question at the crux of a new copyright infringement lawsuit that has been filed by a team of seven photographers against several defendants, including the National Football League. The lawsuit also mentions Getty Images, the Associated Press and Replay Photos. According to the lawsuit, the photographs have been used by these agencies, although the plaintiffs continue to retain copyrights to the photographs. It's common for news agencies…

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Judge Sides with YouTube in Video Clip Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

YouTube recently won a victory when a judge decided to side with the company, owned by Google, in a copyright infringement lawsuit that pitted the video portal giant against Viacom. The lawsuit had been filed by Viacom, which alleged that YouTube was infringing on its copyrighted content, by posting video clips from popular shows like The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and South Park on the video portal. The $1 billion lawsuit been filed in 2007. In 2010, a judge delivered…

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Apple Loses Appeal over Samsung Tablet Design

A British court has upheld an earlier ruling that Samsung did not violate Apple's copyrights of its tablet computer design. The Court of Appeal cleared Samsung against Apple's allegations of copying its designs for tablet computers. This ruling is the latest in a series of decisions involving disputes between Apple and Samsung, who are currently engaged in a number of lawsuits across the world. These lawsuits are all linked to smart phones as well as tablet computers like Apple's iPad.…

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