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Court Rules in Favor of Nikon in Patent Infringement Lawsuit

Nikon has won a patent infringement lawsuit filed against Polaroid and another company. The lawsuit was related to a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera marketed by Polaroid, which Nikon claimed was very similar to one of its own cameras. The Polaroid mirrorless interchangeable lens camera, the iM1836 was introduced recently, and at the very outset, it was obvious to many that the camera closely resembled the mirrorless camera that is part of the Nikon 1 series. Not surprisingly, Nikon filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Polaroid as well as Sakar, the company that manufactured the camera and licensed the Polaroid name..... Read More >

Judge Sides with YouTube in Video Clip Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

YouTube recently won a victory when a judge decided to side with the company, owned by Google, in a copyright infringement lawsuit that pitted the video portal giant against Viacom. The lawsuit had been filed by Viacom, which alleged that YouTube was infringing on its copyrighted content, by posting video clips from popular shows like The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and South Park on the video portal. The $1 billion lawsuit been filed in 2007. In 2010, a judge delivered a ruling in favor of YouTube. However, Viacom launched an appeal, and last year, the United States Court Of.... Read More >

Apple Awarded $1 Billion in Damages in Samsung Patent Infringement Trial

In a staggering victory for Apple, a US jury has awarded the company $1.05 billion in damages in a patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung. The jury found that Samsung had copied from key features of Apple’s iPhone. California patent infringement lawyers believe that a key consequence of this verdict could be a ban on the sales of important Samsung gadgets inside the United States. The verdict will also help strengthen Apple’s position in the mobile computing market, of which it already has a dominant share. The lawsuit involves 7 patent claims filed by Apple, and 5 patent claims of Samsung..... Read More >

RIM to Pay $147 Million in Wireless Patent Lawsuit

Blackberry maker RIM has been ordered by a Northern California jury to pay $147.2 million in a patent infringement lawsuit. The lawsuit had been filed by Mformation Technologies Inc., and involved a remote management system for wireless devices. The lawsuit had been filed by Mformation Technologies Inc against RIM in 2008. The lawsuit involved a patent for a process that allows the remote management of wireless devices over a wireless network. RIM argued that Mformation’s claims of patent sharing are not valid because the processes were already in use at RIM, when Mformation filed its patent application. The verdict was.... Read More >

Judge Rules against Apple in Kodak Bankruptcy Litigation

A judge has ruled against Apple, holding that the company cannot pursue its patent infringement lawsuit against Eastman Kodak. Apple’s patent infringement lawsuit was meant to stop Kodak from selling the patents during its bankruptcy proceedings. The judge asked Apple and Kodak return to court later this month with ideas on a quick resolution of the ownership dispute. Kodak maintains that Apple’s ownership claims are inaccurate, while Apple insists that Kodak misappropriated its technologies. The patent involves a digital camera with the technology to preview images on an LCD screen. Apple insists that the patents belong to it, and the.... Read More >

Apple Wins Patent Infringement Lawsuit against Motorola

A court has ruled in favor of Apple in its patent infringement lawsuit against Motorola. The court has ruled that most of Motorola Mobility’s products actually infringe on Apple’s slide-to-unlock image patent. Millions of consumers who use smart phones use the Apple patent when they perform gestures on the ‘unlock’ image, in order to unlock the device. Apple has won this round, the first time that the company has prevailed in any patent lawsuit against Motorola. Motorola has already announced that it plans to appeal the decision. The decision was delivered by a judge in Munich. Motorola does not believe.... Read More >

Apple Patent Infringement Lawsuit Complicates Kodak’s Bankruptcy Proceedings

California patent infringement lawyers expect Kodak’s bankruptcy filing to be further complicated by a hostile patent infringement dispute with Apple. Kodak has accused Apple of infringing on its patents, but last week Apple shot back by alleging that the patents were the property of Apple. According to Apple, back in the 90s, the two companies had collaborated to explore how they could work together on several projects. One of the projects had to do with the commercialization of digital cameras manufactured by Apple. Apple says that during this period of time, it disclosed a number of confidential technologies to Kodak..... Read More >

Bankruptcy Judge OKs Sale of Kodak Digital Patents

Kodak & Co. can sell more than 1,000 digital patents that were in dispute as part of its restructuring proceedings. A federal judge has allowed the company to auction the digital imaging patents, in the face of opposition by Apple and Flashpoints Technology. More than 1,100 patents will be auctioned off as Eastman Kodak moves forward with its bankruptcy proceedings. The aim is to sell off those patents, and focus on the printing business instead. The patents involve digital capture and imaging technology for smartphones, digital cameras as well as tablets. These patents had generated more than $3 billion of.... Read More >

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